East Coast Equine

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Equine Massage

Keeps horses (of any age) healthy
Relieves muscular tension
Reduces soreness and fatigue
Improves performance buy improving balance and posture
Increase range of motion
Reduces depression
Decreases pain
Improves blood circulation
Decreases blood pressure
Improves skin condition
Strengthens the respiratory muscles (decreases COPD/Heaves attacks)
Increases the amount of air that can be breathed in and out by improving lung function
Increases the effectiveness of the immune system

Initial Massage: $120
Includes a consultation, gait analysis, saddle fit, and 45-60 minute massage.

60 Minute Massage: $70

30 Minute Massage: $45

15 minute pre/post event massage: $20

Private Massage Clinic- Learn to massage your own horse!: $100
There is no farm call for locations within 25 miles of 01904. There will be a $50 farm call for locations between 25 and 50 miles,  $65 for locations between 51 and 75 miles, and $75 for 76 to 100 miles of 01904. Farm calls will be split between all clients at the same location.